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Throughout my life I’ve pursued conventional success in many ways and areas of my life, and I have often found it.

I got a great Ivy League education and earned a Ph.D. I’ve taught courses in religious studies, education, psychology, and leadership. I’ve founded and led an innovative and award-winning school.

Over twenty years as a consultant and facilitator, I’ve led many organizations and executives through successful periods of growth and change.

And yet, despite all this fruitful and wonderful professional experience, the single most important thing I’ve ever done in my life was when I learned how our minds really work to create our experience of life, when I learned about the Simplicity Solution.

Up to that point, it looked to me like my success correlated most with how much hard work I was willing to put in, and how much of my intellect I could apply to solving problems and thinking up solutions.

The bigger the challenge, or the harder the circumstances, the more was demanded of me. I could be forgiven for seeing it this way, as it was the message I saw everywhere I had been looking.

But this approach only created more stress, more exhaustion, and less freedom, until I felt burned out.

I’d lost my spark, my creativity, my connection to others, and my joy in my work and my family. I developed some major health problems and realized it was time to look in a new direction.

So I did, and what I discovered is that each of us has innate wellbeing that is fully intact and whole at every moment, and that our ever-changing state of mind – not the circumstances that we encounter – is responsible for our experience of life.

With this insight, everything looked different to me – success, relationships, creativity, resilience in the face of life’s challenges – all are far easier than I had made them out to be.

From this place, I can accomplish more, create more, love more, and forgive more than I thought possible.

This understanding, and the utter simplicity that lies at its core, changed my life, and has changed the lives of many across the world. It’s available to you, too, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

about sumaya abuhaidar


I was born in  a small mountain village east of Beirut, to a Lebanese dad and an American mom. The Lebanese civil war started when I was three and became so unlivable by the early 1980s that my family left Lebanon for good and moved to New York City.

After a wonderful undergraduate experience at Dartmouth College, I got my first job as a teacher in Huntsville, Alabama, and then a few years later made my way to Boulder, CO for a PhD program in education. That’s where I met Jason.

When Jason and I co-founded our school in Boulder, we expected to run it together, as full partners, but life got in the way. We had two very demanding babies and I chose to stay home almost full time to be with them. This was a period of significant struggle for us. We were exhausted and overwhelmed, and our marriage and work both suffered for it.  Thankfully, it was right at the point of greatest struggle that we encountered the Three Principles and tapped into our innate wellbeing, wisdom and resilience. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel deep gratitude for the ways in which this understanding transformed our lives.

As I emerged from the intensity of full-time parenting two needy babies, I dipped my toes into local politics as mayor of our small town and then taught  philosophy for several years at a University in Gunnison, Colorado.

Both were interesting and rewarding professional opportunities, but two years ago I finally found what feels like my true calling: coaching others to awaken to their own resilience and well-being. I completed a mentorship in equine guided coaching, continued to deepen my grounding in the Principles and then brought the two together in an innovative, powerful coaching approach. I  partner with my herd of horses to point people to the inside-out nature of life, to the role of thought in creating our experience, to the power of the present moment, and to the infinite intelligence behind all life. The work and the horses both fill me with wonder at the powerful ways they transform people’s lives. 

In addition to the equine coaching, I also offer non-equine coaching to Blue Dot clients, both locally and globally, and especially enjoy collaborating with Jason when we jointly coach couples.

When I’m not working, I enjoy skiing (of all kinds!), biking, hiking, yoga, dance, reading and loafing around with my horses. I love soaking in the quiet and breathtaking mountains around our home in Crested Butte, Colorado and especially love sharing it with friends, family and clients. 




Why “Blue Dot”?


This past summer, we traveled for the 14th year to our family happy place: Lopez Island in Washington State. It’s the place we go once a year to unplug, do less, be together, eat locally grown food and locally caught seafood, and soak up the beautiful natural world in the pacific Northwest. This year, our oldest son was our driver for the week and our younger son was his navigator. We sat in the backseat enjoying the ride. 

Because Lopez Island is a phone-free zone for our family, we handed our youngest a paper map of the Island so he could complete his navigating duties. He took the map, looked at it carefully, nodded his head and said: “Ok, no problem, I can figure this out… but how do you figure out where you are without a blue dot?”

We couldn’t stop laughing. We found it utterly hilarious.

Of course he grew up in a generation that hasn’t had to find it’s way without a phone that has a nifty blue dot that shows you where you are and moves when you move. And now here he was without a blue dot. 

Of course he figured it out and got us where we needed to go. But the incident stuck with us and the name BLUE DOT came to mind when we later were brainstorming names for our new coaching business.

It came to mind first and foremost because it was a moment of uproarious laughter for us and why wouldn’t we choose a name that brings a smile to our face? It also came to mind because it spoke of finding oneself and finding one’s way. It begged the question: How do you find yourself without a blue dot? If you’re feeling lost and have no idea where you are and how to get where you’re going, you need a blue dot. We aim to point the way for clients to find their own blue dot and get where they want to go. 

So in a nutshell, we are now BLUE DOT COACHING!

Ready to learn more?

Kind words from past clients

I absolutely love working with Jason. His approach to coaching is unique and refreshingly "simple". He is brilliant - I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of help with any life circumstance or seeking personal growth. 


-Stephanie from Colorado

Simply through thoughtful, open conversation, Jason has showed me how to move through the world with ease and grace. I’m not perfect, and that’s ok, because accepting that has allowed me the freedom to engage more meaningfully with the world and the people around me. Thank you, Jason, for helping me to become the man, father and husband I always knew I could be.”


— Jeff from Colorado

Working with Sumaya and her herd was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Both she and the horses held space for me to dive deeply into the things I've been working on in my personal life, and allowed me to see and understand my situation and outlook on my life. It doesn't matter where you are on your personal growth journey, Sumaya and her herd offer an incredible backdrop to open new levels of awareness, joy, connection and intuition. I couldn't recommend the experience more.


-Cayla from Colorado

Working with Jason has provided me a new level of ease in my life. Learning to recognize thoughts, the space between thoughts, and the quality of my thoughts has allowed grace, inspiration, and more creativity to show up in my life. In many ways I’ve found empowerment, confidence, boundaries, and compassion along with unexpected delightful opportunities. I so appreciate working with Jason. He is great at clearly communicating the process, and his knowledge of the 3 principles and his generosity in sharing how they can be applied to every area of life feels uplifting and encouraging.


— Jessica from New York

Jason guides you to learn more about yourself in a very short amount of time. The results are more patience, less frustration, more creativity, less stress and anxiety and all of a sudden a realization that troubling issues you felt needed attention just a short time have dissipated without any attention to them at all. Brilliant.


-Darcie from Colorado

My time with Sumaya and her beautiful herd of horses was a sublime experience.  Sumaya’s gentle, inviting yet assured guidance to move me into a deeper state of presence with myself and with the horses was a powerful beginning. The work in the round pen put me in touch with a sense of wholeness, sovereignty and trust in myself, while being in loving and respectful relationship with another Being.  It never ceases to amaze me how the horses intuitively create experiences for learning that evoke instant transformation! Sumaya is compassionate, wise, passionate and heartful. She skillfully evoked the felt sense of growth and expanded possibility. This work has real power and magic to it!


-Sandra from Colorado

My discussions with Jason have had a profound impact on my life. I was clearly ready to make a significant change but I could not have done it without his guidance.

I am more consistently kind to myself. I have deeper patience and compassion for my kids. I have connected further with my wife while also giving her more space – an amazing balance which we treasure. And I have (almost) effortlessly, with Jason’s support, begun to tap into wisdom and compassion in my professional life and other personal relationships.

It is clear to me that Jason’s thoughtful and provocative guidance is a passion for him. Being in this conversation with him is like serious play with a joyful trusted advisor who shares wisdom in simple yet profound ways.

— Abe from Oregon


Working with Sumaya and the horses was an incredible experience. Meeting and connecting with the horses was magical; somehow I felt such a deep and immediate connection. I walked away with a truly powerful personal message that has helped me capitalize on so many opportunities in my life.


— Hannah from Colorado

Jason is a magician! With ease and open-hearted presence, Jason is masterful at helping you see, through stories, observations and deceptively simple but profound diagrams, the ways that our states of mind create our experience. He makes profound spiritual teachings very down to earth and accessible, even palpable as you are with him. My sessions with Jason helped me deepen my sense of trust in life, my intuition and my inspirations. And, he skillfully guided me to divert my attention away from efforting and ‘fixing problems’ and instead acknowledge my state of mind to allow shifts to happen naturally. Ahhh…more ease, more peace - what a gift!


-Sandra from Colorado

Jason is thoughtful, wise, and knows his stuff. I am always amazed how consistently I leave our conversations feeling lighter, more confident, and more connected to those around me as well as to my own heart. Jason listens deeply, has a fantastic sense of humor, and is really good at what he does. Working with him has been an absolute gift - not only for me, but for my family and colleagues as well.


-Erica from Montana

Going into the equine coaching with Sumaya, I had no expectations but rather a curiosity of what I might learn and hopefully have some insights during our time together.  I found that as I let my personal thinking fade into the background I became completely present with my horse.  Nothing mattered except for what I was experiencing with the horses and I could actually see with my eyes that the horse was reflecting my energy!  Clarity and connectedness came to me and I was guided by Sumaya to uncover a new life understanding that was in me all along.  I now reflect on my experience regularly and am reminded of my learning.  What an amazing gift! Thank you, Sumaya!


— Emily from Colorado


In each of our conversations, Jason has been able to point me towards the wisdom of the Principles. Not only has my understanding deepened, there is also a ripple effect that has brought me greater optimism and peace.

I invited Jason to facilitate workshops at the school I lead. He was very effective in guiding others to their own insights and to seeing a hopeful new understanding of the real source of their stress and anxiety. Jason worked skillfully with both adults and teens, all of whom recognized his mastery and deep compassion.


— Janet from California



I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you for your thoughtful services. You led us through a meditative, deeply insightful, and reflective dialectic with each other and with ourselves...all in service of this beautiful institution. Thank you for opening your heart and your mind to us and with us.


— Yasmine from California



Sumaya’s approach to equine guided coaching was gentle, well-informed and a created a lovely trajectory for guided learning. The majestic nature of the horse creates a perfect vehicle for Sumaya to reach into one’s thoughts and draw attention to the here and now of what is happening in the heart and energy of the human body. Sumaya is a delight and I am filled with gratitude.

— Adge from Colorado



Jason is very responsive and respectful. He has great insight and analogies to help put things into a new perspective that get you back on track in life, be it professional, personal or both!


-Keith from Oklahoma

"When our thoughts look real, we live in a world of suffering. When they look subjective, we live in a world of choice. When they look arbitrary, we live in a world of possibility. And when we see them as illusory, we wake up inside a world of dreams."

Michael Neill

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