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Lost & Found

You’re at a crossroads in your professional or personal life and no amount of hard work seems to be enough to create the change you want.

You feel like you’re living in a fog of overwhelm, trying to juggle work and family, but having no time left for yourself.

Maybe you feel unfulfilled, uninspired or burnt out.

Or you’re making huge strides at work, but your personal life is suffering.

Or maybe, you’re in a relationship that feels like it's losing that spark; you're growing apart, or living in conflict.

Ultimately, you’re so ready for change and just want a trusted guide to help you get where you want to go.

Does this sound like you?

Unlock a sense of peace, resilience, creativity, and lightheartedness.

Get unstuck… and feel at ease no matter your life circumstances.

Feel more connected to your partner, and the world around you.

Break through the persistent beliefs and patterns that have held you back in life, so you can be a high performer in all aspects of your life.

Now, imagine if you could…

I'm here to help you shift from overachiever to high performer.

While overachievers are often referred to as high performers, there is a profound difference between the two.

While both are aiming for success, overachievers are focused on the goal regardless of the costs, and high performers are much more focused on enjoying the journey, doing something well, and learning from the experience.

Outcome is more important than the process

Health, happiness, and relationships take a backseat to accomplishment

Motivated by a persistent fear of failure

Excessive self-criticism

Extremely high standards for self and others

Focused on the future to the detriment of the present

Chronically poor work-life balance and frequently feeling stretched too thin

Inappropriate emotional outbursts as a way to cope with feelings of stress

The people who get the most out of this experience tend to be overachievers. 

Not sure if that's you? Here are the typical signs of an overachiever.

If you have some or all of these traits, we'd be a good fit to work together.

Are you a good fit for this program?

— Justin from Germany

Jason is the best coach I've ever worked with. His unique talent is his level of presence. Just being around him is helpful. He's done a really incredible job of struggling and wrestling with his own sense of humanity and the humility he demonstrates, that's what's really attractive is just the way that he models that. 

— Abe from Oregon

My time with Jason has had a profound impact on my life. I was clearly ready to make a significant change but I could not have done it without his guidance. Being in this conversation with him is like serious play with a joyful trusted advisor who shares wisdom in simple yet profound ways.

Between sessions, you’ll have access to me via email and text for additional support. I’ll also send helpful resources to keep you inspired and invitations to private, online community gatherings.


Often, we find ourselves feeling refreshed after a retreat, but then real life hits us and we fall back into old patterns.

These coaching sessions are designed to help you integrate new ways of thinking and being into your daily life so you can truly become resilient no matter your circumstances.

Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

During this immersive, customized retreat at a peaceful ranch nestled high in the Colorado Rockies, you’ll get the chance to unplug from your daily life… while fully plugging into a new sense of connectedness.

We'll have life-changing conversations that will set you on a new course to freedom and aliveness. And with options like cold plunges and equine coaching, you'll experience living wholeheartedly - and you will leave a different person.

Reorientation: 4-Day Retreat

What’s Included:

Feel closer and more connected to those around you.

Experience a renewed sense of hope, clarity, and possibility.

Know how to live with ease, grace, resilience, and lightheartedness - no matter what life throws at you.

Break the lifelong patterns that have kept you feeling stuck.

Tap into a deep sense of freedom and feeling more alive.

By the time you finish this program, you’ll:

It’s time to get Back in the flow of life!

I know how it feels to lose your way. To get lost in hard work - constantly striving and pushing yourself. Overachieving led to success, but at a great cost to my physical and mental health. It nearly took me out. 

But coaching saved my life. Since then, I’ve created a life filled with meaning, purpose, love, and joy. I’m committed to health in body, mind, and spirit; to living with wonder; and to connecting deeply with others.
And it's my goal to help as many people as possible find the way to their own inner wisdom.

Recovered overachiever turned transformational coach

I'm Jason Berv

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During this phase, we'll extend your experience to even bigger possibilities. Living from wisdom isn't a skill or practice, but something that already lives inside of us. As we gain more and more comfort with our innate wisdom, we find we can do things beyond what we ever thought possible.

Mapping Possibilities

phase 3

In this phase, we'll dive into a deeper understanding of how to live life wholeheartedly. This involves a DEEP WELCOMING of our whole self - the good, the bad, and the ugly. The joy, the shame, and the fear. You'll gain further navigation skills from both universal and embodied wisdom, and learn how this can strengthen every area of your life.

Navigating Being Human

phase 2

After experiencing big shifts and powerful insights during the retreat, I don’t want you to go back to your normal life and feel like nothing’s changed (or like EVERYTHING has changed and you don’t know what to do). During these sessions, we integrate your new understanding into your everyday life by tapping into grace and compassion.



Here’s How It Works:

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I aim to give you many times the value of what you pay for coaching with me. Many of the changes you might experience during and after coaching with me might be hard to quantify. My previous clients have a hard time putting a price on finally finding peace of mind, sleeping again, making the best decisions of their lives, saving their marriage, feeling true to themselves, and the freedom of stepping out of lifelong patterns. 

Life coaching is an investment in yourself. And I hope you feel that you are worth investing in.  I invite you to schedule a call so we can explore if working with me is a wise investment for you. 

 The Lost & Found Program starts at $15,000

What's the investment?


If you feel that the Lost & Found program is what you are seeking, I save one spot each quarter for someone who is not able to pay the full fee. If you'd like to get on the list for one of these spots, let me know, and I'll be in touch with an application.

If what you're seeking is something different - perhaps you're not in the midst of a big decision, but you're hungering for meaningful change - reach out and let's explore what might make sense for you. 


The answer to this question depends on what kind of support you are seeking. If you are curious how coaching might help you in your life, if you are seeking a long-term coaching relationship, or if you are seeking support in the midst of circumstances that don't feel urgent, then I encourage you to reach out so that we can explore what makes sense for you that might not include a retreat, or consider a retreat at a later date when it fits your circumstances.

However, if you are going through a major life change, if you are exhausted and out of gas, or if you are dealing with something that feels pressing or urgent, then I strongly recommend the retreat. Many people try to take a shortcut when it comes to transformation - by not going deep, not stepping out of your regular routine, and not giving yourself time and space to allow your mind to settle. These shortcuts give the appearance of commitment while avoiding going all in on yourself and your transformation.

After almost a decade of coaching, I've seen that the return on investment from a transformational retreat is staggeringly high. There’s no substitute for the opportunity to experience deep insights before jumping back into the demands of daily life.

While it can seem daunting to fit a retreat into your schedule, I encourage you to listen to your heart and your intuition. If you are unsure, let's schedule a no-obligation session to talk more about your situation. 

How is transformational coaching different from traditional coaching?

As a transformational coach, my job is to help you experience your own innate wisdom, clarity, and peace of mind, and to learn how to access those gifts reliably as a source of guidance and direction.

Transformational Coaching

Traditional coaching tends to be more directive, with coaches providing solutions and strategies. It is more prescriptive in nature.

Traditional Coaching



As a transformational coach, I welcome challenges, obstacles, setbacks, and confusion as natural and normal. Often these experiences of challenge offer a doorway into deeper understanding and insight when we embrace them instead of resisting them.

Transformational Coaching

In traditional coaching, challenges are often seen as obstacles to be overcome to reach the desired outcome. The focus is on problem-solving and finding solutions.

Traditional Coaching


Approach to Challenges

As a transformational coach, I act as a facilitator and guide, encouraging your development of greater self-awareness and self-discovery, and helping you to uncover your own answers and insights.

Transformational Coaching

Traditional coaches typically provide guidance, feedback, and accountability to help clients achieve specific goals. They typically act as mentors and advisors.

Traditional Coaching


Role of the Coach

As a transformational coach, our work together tends to be more long-term, as it deals with deeper personal transformation. While major shifts can be experienced very quickly, I aim to help my clients with sustainable and enduring change, which can take more time.

Transformational Coaching

Traditional coaching is often associated with shorter-term engagements focused on achieving immediate or short-term objectives. It may involve skills development, performance improvement, or problem-solving within a limited time frame.

Traditional Coaching



As a transformational coach, I support you to move beyond your limiting beliefs, values, and mindset. You can anticipate profound shifts in these areas, which can lead to more sustainable and holistic personal growth.

Transformational Coaching

Traditional coaching tends to be more task-oriented and outcome-driven. Coaches work with clients to identify obstacles, set objectives, and develop strategies.

Traditional Coaching


Approach to Change

As a transformational coach, I focus more on your personal growth and self-discovery. While goals may still be part of the process, the primary objective is to facilitate deeper and lasting change in your beliefs, values, identity, and sense of possibility.

Transformational Coaching

Traditional coaching focuses on achieving specific, measurable goals. It often involves setting objectives, creating action plans, and working toward achieving those goals.

Traditional Coaching


Goal Orientation

Transformational coaching and traditional coaching are different approaches to personal and professional development. Here are the primary differences so you can choose the right type of coaching for you:

Many clients find themselves wanting more after they complete the Lost & Found program. They face massive shifts in their worldview and want to make sure they continue to live from this place of inner wisdom and peace.

That’s why I created this optional 3-month follow-up program - so you can continue to deepen your new understanding of the world and apply it to new situations in life as they arise.

Navigating By Heart


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