I help overachievers get unstuck and navigate life’s
ups and downs
with innate wisdom

But what if having a more enjoyable life wasn’t about fixing all your problems or working harder?

But you’ve also experienced the cost of that success. Overwhelm, exhaustion, and even burnout. Maybe you feel disconnected. Like you’ve lost that spark with your partner. Or you’re so busy with work and family that you have no time left for yourself.

And, most frustrating of all, you feel stuck - with no idea how to “fix” it.

You’ve been working pretty hard at life. And chances are, you’ve experienced quite a bit of success. 

This time, coaching saved my life.

I know how it feels to lose your way in life.

For years, I worked 80-hour weeks only to come home to 2 young kids who didn’t sleep through the night. It left me feeling wrung out and disconnected. I felt like there was no way out.

I ultimately lost myself and had a breakdown. I felt hopeless and empty when I finally decided to seek out the support of a coach.

I had seen a coach 10 years earlier and that saved my marriage.


I’m Jason Berv

And I want to help you do the same

Since then, I’ve created a life filled with meaning, purpose, love, and joy. I’m committed to health in body, mind, and spirit; to living with wonder; and to connecting deeply with others. 

Early in my career, I led wilderness expeditions. ​​As we ventured out into unfamiliar terrain, the men and women on these trips often felt overwhelmed and intimidated by the vastness of their surroundings.

On its own, having a map did little to change this. But, as each participant learned more about how to read a map, their relationship to the wilderness completely transformed. Overwhelm gave way to calm, curiosity, and confidence.

This is what I offer my clients. Not simply a map. But an understanding of how to use your innate wisdom to navigate life. To explore who you are and what is possible with a sense of hope and wonder.

There will always be ups and downs in life - and by changing your relationship to these ups and downs, you can foster a more sustainable, peaceful, and enjoyable way of being.

And now, as a transformational coach, I’ve seen massive changes in my clients and the lives they touch - and it’s been the most rewarding experience of my life.

All of this led me to the world of coaching.

I have known fear and desperation, as well as the unexpected gifts of love and insight, from having my world turned upside-down by my wife’s injury and prolonged illness that overshadowed everything else for years.

After earning a Ph.D. in education I founded a groundbreaking high school that is built on how we learn best. And I continue to discover how challenge and failure can be the most transformative teachers.

I have taught university-level leadership courses, and I have known the loneliness and burnout of leading an organization.

I have a family life that I cherish, and I have also known the heartache of estrangement.

I am madly in love with my wife after more than 25 years, and together we overcame some dark times that had us on the brink of a failed marriage.

I have been a dedicated student of the spiritual dimension of life for more than 20 years, and I have also experienced the messy human imperfections of spiritual community.

I have been a lifelong outdoor athlete committed to a strong and healthy body, and I am familiar with the challenges of chronic pain and illness.

Through a life of success, challenge, and more than a little serendipity, I've gained some unique insights and perspective

What makes me qualified to help you?

The most important credential I have is my own 20-year journey to understand myself better as a human being. This journey has led me to deep explorations of the spiritual, psychological, and emotional dimensions of being human and provided me the opportunity to be with others across the beautiful, painful, and inherently messy range of human experiences. This allows me to meet my clients with humility, compassion, insight, and presence.

20 years in this work

The life of the mind, how we learn, and how we connect to something greater than ourselves have always been fascinations of mine, as well. As an undergraduate I studied Buddhism and Shamanism in Nepal, and the foundations of experiential education in the United States, on my way to earning a degree from Brown University in both Education and Religious Studies. I went on to get a Ph.D. in Education, and founded an award-winning innovative school for students in grades 6-12.

Ph.D. in Education

Both independently, and in partnership with several outstanding organizations, I have had the privilege of consulting over the last 25 years with a wide range of clients, from small non-profits and solopreneurs to multinational corporations.

I have also consulted for boards of trustees and served on boards of both local and global organizations. 

25-years of consulting

My training includes more than 10 years of coursework, apprenticeship, certification, and mentoring within the fields of presence-based coaching, emotional fluidity, nervous system mastery, breathwork, and cold plunging.

10+ years of Training

And I have learned many valuable lessons from decades of outdoor adventures (and sometimes misadventures) in all seasons in the mountains, and from caretaking my ranch and all its inhabitants in the high mountains of Colorado.

Decades of adventure


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