Equine Insights

Horses invite us into a space of deep quiet, a space beyond words.

 Being in that space helps us see something new about ourselves, about what’s holding us back or dragging us down. It helps us see ourselves with fresh eyes, hear ourselves with fresh ears.


If you choose it, spending time with horses can be a powerful part of your Blue Dot coaching experience. Even if you don’t choose it, it’s still a part of what we share with you. 


We’ve learned so much from our horses that we consider ourselves “equine inspired.”


The universal wisdom they’ve shared with us is simply part of how we see the world and we often find ourselves sharing it with our clients. 

Dancing with wisdom: An Equine Immersion Experience


An opportunity like no other…. 

A custom, one-on-one experience designed to ground you in a deep understanding of where to look for wellbeing, joy, creativity and resilience. 

Join us for a combination of six virtual coaching sessions and a four day equine experience at our ranch in Crested Butte, CO. 

We’ll dance with wisdom, playfully exploring what it means to be human and what it means to be free. 

Cost is $2,900 for one person or $5500 for two people.

Availability starts June 2021 and will be limited to a small number of clients throughout summer and fall. Reach out to us to find out if this program is right for you.

Ready to learn more?

Why do horses make such great coaches?

Horses are exquisitely sensitive to our inner landscape. They sense when we’re stuck in our thoughts and they sense when we’re fully  in the moment. They sense shifts in our state of mind’. They offer a mirror to our inner world and point us to the ways that we’re creating our experience of life moment to moment. And they do all that without the slightest bit of judgment, opening the door to new understanding about ourselves that can be utterly life-changing.

What will I be doing during my equine coaching session?

Every equine session unfolds at its own pace, with its own trajectory. You might be invited to experience different ways of being with the horses: across a fence, in a pen with one or more horses, grooming, moving together or being with the whole herd at liberty. Whatever you’re experiencing with the horses will be a starting point for the coaching conversation.

Is there any riding involved?

No! We never get on horses during our equine sessions. Everything happens on the ground with no saddles, bridles or even halters/ropes involved.

Do I need horse experience?

No! No horse experience is needed. Just curiosity and willingness to experience something new.

What if I’m afraid of horses? Could I still consider an equine experience?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you’re afraid of horses, equine coaching can still be truly transformative. When it comes to time with horses, less is truly more, so a session can be as simple as having a conversation near the horses, if that’s what feels safe and comfortable.

Where do equine coaching sessions take place?

We’re lucky to live on a ten-acre ranch just south of Crested Butte, CO. We’re so grateful to live here, we call it Lucky Dog Ranch! We have a coaching herd of four horses and we do all our equine insights sessions here at the ranch. Sumaya also occasionally collaborates with other equine guided colleagues to offer programs at other locations, so subscribe to our mailing list if you’d like to stay abreast of upcoming offerings!

Will my session be one-on-one or in a group?

While we do occasionally offer group programs, most of our equine coaching is one-on-one with Sumaya and the Equine Insights herd.  

Can I add equine coaching to my regular coaching package?

Yes! We often combine regular coaching with equine coaching.  When it seems like a good fit for a client, we suggest using one or two sessions from a package for equine coaching sessions. The combination is really impactful and we recommend it highly!

Do you offer equine coaching year-round?

Yes, we do! However, winter sessions at 9000 feet can be really, realy cold! We generally find that equine coaching is more enjoyable (and therefore impactful) when the weather is milder, so the best months for time with the horses are June-October.

Do you offer multi-day equine coaching retreats?

Yes!  Equine immersion retreats are one of our favorite ways to work with clients. We have a nice guest house on site that can be a lovely lodging option for your retreat and the spaciousness and full immersion of a three-day experience is really powerful. Reach out to us early, as our summer retreat dates fill up quickly!

Working with Sumaya and her herd was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Both she and the horses held space for me to dive deep into the things I’ve been working on in my personal life, and allowed me to see and understand my situation and outlook on my life in ways I haven’t been able to access until our session. It doesn’t matter where you are on your personal growth journey, or why you’re seeking out equine coaching, Sumaya and her herd offer an incredible backdrop to open new levels of awareness, joy and connection with intuition and I couldn’t recommend the experience more

Cayla from South Carolina

My time with Sumaya and her beautiful herd of horses was a sublime experience. The setting of the ranch is breathtaking and nourishing in and of itself. As for the work – it was a profound experience. Sumaya’s gentle, inviting yet assured guidance to move me into a deeper state of presence with myself and with the horses was a powerful beginning. The work in the round pen with the horse put me in touch with a sense of wholeness, sovereignty and trust in myself, while being in loving and respectful relationship with another being. My work with the herd gave me access to a deeper layer of leadership presence. It never ceases to amaze me how the horses intuitively create experiences for learning that evoke instant transformation! Sumaya is compassionate, wise, and passionate. She skillfully evoked the felt sense of growth and expanded possibility. This work has real power and magic to it!

Sandra from Colorado


"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You'll never regret it."


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