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“Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.”


This wise old saying is just as true in the realm of the spiritual as the physical. In our search for peace of mind and a beautiful life, we can look to practices and commitments that feed us for the moment, or we can look to the boundless source of our well-being. 


So join us for a (metaphorical) fishing lesson! 


In this intimate, small-group retreat, we’ll be sharing how The Three Principles illuminate the never-ending source of feeding our souls, and the ease with which we can all find that source within us.  


Surrounded by the majestic beauty and wildness of the Rocky Mountains, we’ll be exploring the beauty and wildness of our own limitless potential in this three-day retreat with Dicken Bettinger, Jason Berv, and Sumaya Abuhaidar. 



This event is limited to 15 participants and will fill up fast, so sign up below to hold your spot!




Wondering about how to get to Crested Butte and where to stay?

If I'm flying to Crested Butte, which airport should I travel to?

Part of Crested Butte's charm is its unspoiled character as a rural resort town in the Rocky Mountain West.  Like other gems in the Rockies, it is off the beaten path, and at a distance from big cities. For this reason, traveling to Crested Butte takes more time, but is well worth the effort.

The closest airports to Crested Butte are Gunnison (GUC), which is 30 minutes away, and Montrose (MTJ), which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away.  Both airports typically require a connection through Denver (DEN), although Montrose airport does offer direct flights from Dallas (DFW) year-round.

Direct flights from several major airports (LAX, SFO, DFW, IAH, ORD) can be found to Aspen airport (ASE), Grand Junction (GJT), or Colorado Springs (COS), all of which require a scenic drive of approximately 3 hours to Crested Butte.

Once in Crested Butte, everything is in walking distance, or you can catch the free town bus which circulates between multiple stops around town and the resort area at Mt. Crested Butte. Because of this, some people opt not to rent a car and instead get an airport shuttle.  Contact Alpine Express or Dolly's Mountain Shuttle for more information.


How far is it to drive to Crested Butte?

Front Range of Colorado to Crested Butte: 3.5 to 4.5 hours

Aspen to Crested Butte: 3 hours

Santa Fe to Crested Butte: 4.5 hours

Salt Lake City to Crested Butte: 6.5 hours



Where should I stay in Crested Butte?


Despite it's small size, Crested Butte is a resort town and offers many different lodging options.  In addition to a collection of great airbnb options, here are some of our favorite inns, all a short drive from our workshop location:

Elk Mountain Lodge

The Ruby B&B

Purple Mountain B&B

The Inn at Crested Butte



What kinds of activities are available in Crested Butte?

Summer is an amazing time to visit Crested Butte, with great weather, abundant wildflowers, a vibrant arts and music scene, and plenty of outdoor activities.  Crested Butte is known for its breathtaking mountain environment, and offers some of the world's best hiking and mountain biking trails for all ability levels.  Local outdoor shops offer rental bikes and trail maps.  Several rivers provide opportunities for great fly fishing, and scenic drives abound.

Elk Avenue is the main thoroughfare in town, and is where shops, boutiques, artist studios, spas, bars, and restaurants can be enjoyed.

More options and information can be found here.

Please note that Crested Butte is located at approximately 9000 feet above sea level, so it is always a good idea to hydrate well, and exercise in moderation.



“The only trick in life is to be grateful for your highs and graceful with your lows.”

~ George Pransky

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